Best Wedding Cocktail Inspirations and Bar Setup Tips

Best Wedding Cocktail Inspirations and Bar Setup Tips

Small champagne glass tower at a wedding reception with champagne

Wedding cocktails are a delightful addition to your big day. They offer guests a memorable taste experience that amplifies the joy and excitement of the celebration. From elegant classics to personalised concoctions, there's a cocktail for every wedding theme and style. Dive into our guide to discover the best wedding cocktails and learn how to set up an impressive bar with Expo Hire UK.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cocktails

Selecting the right cocktails for your wedding is all about matching the drink to the occasion and your personal taste. Consider the season: lighter, fruity cocktails like a Watermelon Margarita for summer, and warm, spiced options like a Hot Toddy for winter. At Expo Hire UK, we provide comprehensive catering equipment hire, including everything you need to serve these beverages in style, from glassware to bar setups.

For a touch of elegance, why not offer a champagne cocktail? Or, for something more casual, a bespoke beer bar could be the perfect fit. We also suggest thinking about your guests' preferences; a well-rounded menu that includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options ensures everyone enjoys your special day to the fullest.

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Elegant and Simple: The Mimosa

Mimosas are a delightful addition to any wedding, ideal for morning receptions or as a welcome drink. This simple yet elegant cocktail is a favourite with just champagne and orange juice. At Expo Hire UK, our glassware hire ensures you have the perfect flutes to serve them, adding an extra sparkle to your celebrations.

Our team can also assist with linen hire to dress your tables and bars, ensuring that even your serving areas are spectacular. Whether it's a sunny afternoon affair or an elegant evening event, mimosas can be tailored with different juices or garnishes to suit the theme and time of day.

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Wine Glasses arranged at a wedding reception

Sangria: A Festive and Fruity Option

Sangria is a wonderful choice for adding a vibrant, communal feel to your wedding. It's a mix of wine, brandy, and a splash of sparkling water bulked out with heaps of fresh fruit. Expo Hire UK offers a range of catering equipment, including large dispensers and punch bowls, perfect for guests to help themselves.

This drink not only caters to a variety of tastes but also serves as a colourful centrepiece to your beverage table. Whether you choose red or white wine as the base, sangria can be customised to fit the seasonal fruits available, ensuring freshness and a burst of flavour in every glass.

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The Unique Paloma

The Paloma offers a refreshing twist, perfect for those looking to introduce a unique cocktail option. A tantalising blend of tequila, grapefruit soda, and a dash of lime, this cocktail is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Our range of bar equipment hire at Expo Hire UK ensures you can mix and serve Palomas with professional flair.

To enhance the experience, consider using our high-quality glassware to showcase the Paloma's vibrant colour and effervescence. This cocktail not only adds a sophisticated touch but also pairs wonderfully with outdoor, summery wedding themes.

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Create Your Signature Cocktails

Personalising your wedding with signature cocktails is not just a creative endeavour, but a fantastic way to reflect your personality and story, making your guests feel more connected to your special day. Expo Hire UK supports this unique journey with our extensive range of bar and beverage equipment for hire. We encourage couples to experiment with flavours and presentations, using our bar furniture to create an inviting area for tasting and enjoyment.

This could be a cocktail that incorporates elements from both backgrounds or something entirely new that you both love. Whatever you choose, our team is on hand to provide all the necessary equipment, from mixers to mobile bars, ensuring your cocktails are a highlight of your celebration.

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small tower of champagne glasses in a wedding reception party

Expo Hire UK: Enhancing Your Cocktail Experience

At Expo Hire UK, we're not just about furniture; we provide a full suite of services to make your wedding bar extraordinary. We cover all your needs, from high-end bar furniture to professional catering equipment. Our service includes delivery, setup, and collection, allowing you to focus on enjoying your big day.

Our commitment to quality means we regularly update our stock, ensuring the best and latest equipment is available for your wedding. Whether you're looking for a traditional setup or something more modern, we have the capabilities to match any theme or requirement.

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Special Services for Seamless Planning

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly complex, but Expo Hire UK makes it a breeze with our special services. Our online ordering system and real-time stock checking take the guesswork out of equipment hire, giving you peace of mind. With live vehicle tracking, you'll know exactly when your items will arrive, ensuring a stress-free experience.

We offer an advanced order deposit scheme that secures your booking without the immediate financial burden. Additionally, our minor damage waiver scheme protects you against accidental damage, ensuring no unexpected costs post-wedding. This means that if any of our equipment is accidentally damaged during your event, you won't be held responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement.

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Champagne pouring in a champagne glass tower

Conclusion: Making Your Wedding Unforgettable

Cocktails are a key element in crafting an unforgettable wedding experience. With Expo Hire UK's support, you can ensure your bar is not only stocked with the best drinks but also beautifully presented. Our comprehensive service and high-quality products guarantee that every aspect of your wedding, especially the cocktails, is nothing short of spectacular. For more information on how we can help make your wedding day perfect, visit Expo Hire UK today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What cocktail options does Expo Hire UK recommend for a summer wedding?

We suggest refreshing choices like Mimosas or a bespoke Sangria, perfect for warm weather.

Can Expo Hire UK assist with both the hire and setup of bar equipment for weddings?

Yes, we offer comprehensive bar and beverage equipment hire, including professional setup and support.

Does Expo Hire UK provide options for non-alcoholic wedding cocktails?

Absolutely! We can help you design a delightful range of non-alcoholic beverages that all guests can enjoy.

How can I personalise my wedding cocktail menu with Expo Hire UK?

We encourage creating signature cocktails using our wide range of catering and bar equipment to reflect your unique style.

What special services does Expo Hire UK offer for wedding events?

Our services include:
Online ordering.
Real-time stock checking.
Live vehicle tracking.
A minor damage waiver scheme for hassle-free planning.

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