Minor Damage Waiver Scheme

There is no need to stress about a security deposit when ordering event hire in the United Kingdom from Expo Hire.

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The last thing a customer needs when budgeting for an event is a huge security deposit on top of hire and delivery charges. While a deposit will always be returned once goods have been off-hired in good condition, it’s an additional strain on cashflow that can make or break an event.

At Expo Hire there is no need to worry about this. We understand the cashflow constraints a security deposit can put on our customers, along with the stress for an event organiser over any potential breakage or loss. The last thing anyone needs after an event is to spend time chasing and arguing over the return of a deposit when a couple of cups have been broken.

To negate these worries, rather than charging a security deposit we have a free damage waiver scheme. This scheme covers any minor damage along with normal wear and tear at no extra cost to the customer.

What this means is that rather than us spending time chasing our customers over a lost glass or a broken plate, it’s covered by the scheme. This equals less stress for our customers and less stress for ourselves, which is better for all.

We do however expect our customers to exercise a duty of care while hired items are in their possession. Excessive or negligent damage or loss will be charged at a cost of ten times the hire price, so we ask our customers to ensure all items are stored correctly and securely when not in use, and that hire equipment is used in the correct manner. For full details on how this scheme works please read our terms and conditions.