Our wide range of conference hire is perfect for any type of conference or meeting, no matter how large or small. We deliver throughout the United Kingdom.

We know how important it is to make the right impression if you’re hosting a meeting or a conference. Details matter – from making sure the branding of the event is right to ensuring there is enough equipment for the event to go smoothly. We’ve been involved in a wide range of conference and meeting hire and we can help you with what you need.

How can Expo Hire help us with Conference Furniture Hire?

When thinking about conference furniture hire, most people think about chairs for delegates as all there really is to consider. Although it's definitely true that we hire conference chairs by the hundred to corporate events, we've found that other kinds of furniture are also important.

A good example are panel events, where a number of speakers discuss topics in front of an audience from a staged area. For these kinds of events furniture like our tub chairs and sofas are perfect for offering not only comfort for panelists but for the professional look they give. Breakout, syndicate and fringe rooms at conferences often require a slightly different type of furniture such as bar stools or bean bags, while accessories like flipcharts and easels can be necessary tools to share information.

What kinds of Conference Catering Equipment Hire are available?

When seminars, training events and conference events last all day some form of catering is going to be needed. We've put together a selection of conference catering equipment hire to help ensure you can keep your delegates happy.

Tea and coffee is almost essential at business events, although in some conference venues it can be harder than others to provide this. Not only do we stock a range of cups, saucers and other accoutrements as you'd expect, we also have everything from coffee percolators to bean to cup machines to make coffee. We also have a range of fridges for cold drinks from under counter models to specific wine fridges for those offering something to help delegates relax at the end of a long day event.

How does delivery of conference hire work?

Working out delivery costs is easy with Expo Hire; simply use our carriage calculator to find which of our branches is near to you. Tap your postcode in and it will confirm not only whether we cover that postcode or not, but also which of our 11 branches is closest to you and the cost for delivery from that branch, as well as the list of possible extra charges.

Once you have filled your basket and confirmed your delivery dates and postcode in the checkout, we will show you an itemised cost for delivery so you know exactly what you’re paying for before you place your order.

Want to know when your delivery is coming? You can track your driver using our real time maps on the day of delivery and collection. Simply enter your postcode and order number into our order tracking page and find out when our driver will be with you. You can also use the link we send you by automated text.

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