Beer Festivals

Who doesn't love an excuse to have a beer? Our selection of beer festival hire takes the stress out of organising an event and gives you the chance to concentrate on the booze.

Beer festivals are no longer the sole preserve of the real ale fanatic. More and more are popping up as people look to celebrate the best of British and worldwide beer. Make your festival easier with our beer festival hire.

What catering equipment is available for hire to beer festivals?

Our experience of working with beer festivals and oktoberfests has ensured that we have the very best catering equipment hire possible.

Our beer dispensers are perfect for any festival where keg beer is being sold. Ready within five minutes of being switched on, our Lindr beer dispensers can pour up to 80 pints and hour from its twin taps. For those who are selling bottles and cans, it's hard to go wrong with a glass cabinet display fridge, while our double door bottle cooler is great as an under counter fridge.

If it's glasses you need, we have huge quantities of half-pint, pint and two-pint glasses available to meet demand. As well as the standard "tulip" style, we also stock dimpled mugs and pilsner glasses if specialised glasses are required. Don't worry if glasswashing facilities are unavailable, as we also stock commercial glasswashers.

What is the best furniture for Oktoberfest style festivals?

Beer festivals come in many different varieties, from standard bar-style setups to huge outdoor events. With this in mind we've put together a range of bar furniture hire to help ensure we can supply what you need for your event.

The standard furniture for any outdoor beer festival are our folding beer bench and table sets. These are easy to set up and are perfect for groups of festival-goers to sit together with some beers. Our beer bench sets are longer and wider than the standard you will find with many event hire companies, and feature an extra folding leg on the benches for support.

For a more standard bar setup, our poseur tables are the perfect height to stand around with beers, or can be paired with bar stools to create a more elegant solution. If you want to go all out with the flashiness, you can't go wrong with our LED furniture. Cheers!

How does delivery of beer festival hire work?

Working out delivery costs is easy with Expo Hire; simply use our carriage calculator to find which of our branches is near to you. Tap your postcode in and it will confirm not only whether we cover that postcode or not, but also which of our 11 branches is closest to you and the cost for delivery from that branch, as well as the list of possible extra charges.

Once you have filled your basket and confirmed your delivery dates and postcode in the checkout, we will show you an itemised cost for delivery so you know exactly what you’re paying for before you place your order.

Want to know when your delivery is coming? You can track your driver using our real time maps on the day of delivery and collection. Simply enter your postcode and order number into our order tracking page and find out when our driver will be with you. You can also use the link we send you by automated text.

Pay just 25% deposit when placing large event hire orders

At Expo Hire we’ve got lots of experience of dealing with events at the larger end of the spectrum. We know that they take months of planning, and sometimes budgetary constraints can prevent early ordering. If your hire charge is over £500, you can now book your hire equipment with just a 25% deposit, paying the remainder up to 28 days prior to delivery. Full details are available on our terms and conditions page.