What Fridges Do You Need for Your Events?

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Fridges and Freezers for Your Events

When planning your event, ensuring guests have access to cold drinks and fresh food is vital. This is where the role of fridges and freezers becomes crucial. Choosing the right type can significantly enhance the guest experience. In this detailed blog, we'll explore the variety of fridges and freezers you can hire, particularly through Expo Hire UK, to meet your event needs.

Display drinks

The Importance of Hiring Fridges and Freezers for Your Events

Proper refrigeration is key for any event where food and drink are involved. Not only does it keep beverages perfectly chilled for enjoyment, but it also ensures that all ingredients remain fresh and safe for consumption. Imagine the disappointment of warm drinks or spoiled food at a wedding or corporate event. Hiring the right refrigeration units can prevent these mishaps.

From intimate gatherings to large festivals, the type of fridge or freezer you choose can significantly impact you. It's not just about keeping things cold; it's also about convenience and presentation. A well-chosen fridge can save time for your catering staff and add to the overall aesthetics of your event. Plus, with the British weather being unpredictable, having reliable refrigeration hire ensures that your event runs smoothly, no matter the temperature outside.

Moreover, environmental concerns and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. Modern fridges and freezers, like those offered by Expo Hire UK, are designed to be more energy-efficient, reducing your event's carbon footprint. By choosing the right refrigeration hire, you're not just making your event better; you're also making a more environmentally conscious choice.


Drinks Fridges for Hire

Drinks Fridges: Perfect for Bars

No event is complete without a selection of chilled drinks. Guests always appreciate a refreshing beverage, whether it's a summer wedding or a winter corporate gala. Drinks fridges are specially designed to fit under bar units, making them an essential part of any event bar setup. They provide easy access to various cold drinks, from fizzy sodas to chilled wines, ensuring guests have the best experience.

Additionally, these fridges help keep the bar area organised and efficient. Bartenders can quickly grab what they need without searching, speeding up service and reducing queues. This efficiency can make a big difference in the overall flow of your event, keeping guests happy and satisfied.

When choosing a drinks fridge, consider the size and layout of your event. For smaller gatherings, a single fridge may suffice. However, you might need multiple units strategically placed for larger events to serve guests more effectively. Expo Hire UK offers a range of options to suit every need, ensuring that your bar service is top-notch.


Upright Fridge 2

Upright Fridges: Maximise Your Merchandising

Upright fridges are not just functional; they also play a crucial role in presentation. The glass door models, in particular, offer excellent visibility, allowing you to showcase your drinks selection attractively. This visibility can encourage guests to try different beverages, potentially increasing sales for events where drinks are sold. Positioning high-demand or premium drinks at eye level can subtly influence guest choices, enhancing their event experience.

Furthermore, the versatility of upright fridges makes them a perfect fit for various events. They can be used both behind the bar for easy access by staff and in self-serve areas where guests can choose their own drinks. This flexibility makes planning the layout of your event easier, ensuring that every space is used efficiently.

Choosing the right upright fridge involves considering your event's aesthetic and functional needs. With Expo Hire UK, you can find fridges that keep your drinks cold and fit seamlessly into your event's theme and design, adding a professional touch to your setup.


Chest Freezer

Chest Freezers: Essential Behind the Scenes

While chest freezers might not be visible to guests, their role in an event cannot be understated. They are the workhorses of the kitchen, providing ample space for frozen goods, from gourmet ice cream to seafood for the buffet. A reliable chest freezer ensures that your catering team has everything they need, maintaining the quality and safety of the food served.

Moreover, chest freezers are essential for events featuring ice sculptures or requiring a large amount of ice for drinks. They offer the necessary storage capacity to keep these items frozen until needed, ensuring they remain in perfect condition. This can add a special touch to your event, impressing your guests with intricate ice sculptures or perfectly chilled cocktails.

When selecting a chest freezer, consider the size of your event and the amount of frozen storage you'll need. It's also important to consider access and placement, ensuring your catering team can easily reach what they need without disrupting the event flow. Expo Hire UK's range of chest freezers offers various sizes and options, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs.


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Trailer Fridges and Freezers: For Large-Scale Catering

For large-scale events, such as festivals or weddings in marquees, trailer fridges and freezers become indispensable. These mobile refrigeration units offer vast space, ideal for storing everything from bulk food supplies to beer kegs. Their mobility means they can be placed exactly where you need them, whether behind a marquee or near a catering tent, providing easy access for your staff without interrupting the event flow.

The convenience of trailer fridges and freezers lies in their ability to be positioned close to the action. This minimises the time and effort needed to transport food and drinks, ensuring everything remains at the perfect temperature. This can significantly improve efficiency for events spread over large areas, keeping your guests happy and well-served throughout the day.

Choosing the right size and number of trailer fridges or freezers will depend on the scale of your event and the types of food and drink you plan to serve. With Expo Hire UK, you can find various options that cater to different needs, ensuring that even the most substantial catering requirements are easily met.

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Modular Walk-in Fridges and Freezers: The Ultimate Solution

Modular walk-in fridges and freezers are the ultimate solution when it comes to handling the refrigeration needs of very large events. These units can be assembled on-site, offering immense chilled or frozen storage space. They're perfect for events where a standard fridge or freezer won't cut it, such as large festivals, exhibitions, or weddings with hundreds of guests.

The beauty of modular walk-in units lies in their customizability. They can be configured to fit your event's specific needs, including shelving for organised storage. This means your catering team can easily find what they need, improving service times and reducing waste. Furthermore, their large size doesn't just offer practical benefits and peace of mind, knowing that you have ample space for all your refrigeration needs.

Investing in the right modular walk-in fridge or freezer might seem daunting due to the higher renting cost than other options. However, for significant events, their efficiency, convenience, and reliability make them well worth the investment. Expo Hire UK specialises in providing high-quality modular refrigeration solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique demands of your event, ensuring that you have the best equipment for the job.

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Upright Fridge

Final Remarks

Proper refrigeration is a critical aspect of event planning that often goes unnoticed until it's too late. Whether hosting a small gathering or a grand festival, ensuring your food and drinks are kept at the right temperature is essential for a successful event. From drinks fridges that keep the party going to modular walk-in units that cater to hundreds of guests, choosing the right refrigeration hire can make all the difference.

At Expo Hire UK, we understand the unique challenges of event planning and offer various refrigeration hire options to suit every need. With our experience, quality equipment, and customer-focused service, we're here to help make your event unforgettable. Don't let the details of refrigeration hire overwhelm you. Contact us today to find out how we can support your next event, ensuring it's a resounding success from start to finish.

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Why do I need to hire fridges and freezers for my events?

Hiring fridges and freezers ensures your food and drinks remain fresh and chilled, enhancing the guest experience at any event.

What types of fridges and freezers can I rent for my event in the UK?

You can rent drinks fridges, upright fridges, chest freezers, trailer fridges and freezers, and modular walk-in fridges and freezers for events of any size.

How can Expo Hire UK help with my event refrigeration needs?

Expo Hire UK offers a wide range of high-quality refrigeration hire options, including advanced booking and real-time stock checking, to meet the specific needs of your event.

When should I book my fridge and freezer hire for a summer event?

To ensure availability, it's best to book your refrigeration hire as far in advance as possible, especially for summer events when demand is high.

Can modular walk-in fridges and freezers be customised for my event?

Yes, modular walk-in fridges and freezers can be assembled on-site and configured with shelving to meet the specific refrigeration needs of your large event.

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