Team Building

Holding an event to boost the morale of your group? Our selection of team building hire is designed to help you create the best spaces for team building exercises.

Many companies now look at team building exercises as a way to improve the bonding and morale of groups of employees and client partners. We have put together this team building hire section to help meet those needs and make it easier to host a group bonding session.

Team building exercises can vary wildly from genteel indoor activities like cocktail making and cooking to outdoor pastimes like archery and rally driving. Many venues will offer team building activities to corporate customers as part of their general offering. We’re proud to work with these venues to help them in this kind of venture.

What furniture hire is suitable for team building activities?

Because team building activities vary so widely, there is no specific furniture for hire that is designed solely for team building. However, there are many kinds of activities where our furniture can help improve not only the comfort of guests, but the styling and aesthetics.

Bean bags are a popular choice for indoor activities where informality and comfort are essential. They help foster a relaxed feeling within a group and their bright colours evoke feelings of fun which are often key to the success of team building activities.

Likewise, poseur tables and bar stools are seen as a much more informal choice of seating arrangement than standard desks and chairs. This kind of furniture is especially good for activities where people need a solid surface for their activities but the vibe is to remain informal.

Is there any outdoor hire suitable for team building activities?

Some team building events take place outside in the grounds of venues, using highly specialised equipment and staff. We’re proud to support these kinds of activities with outdoor hire intended to protect delegates from the worst the British climate can offer.

Our gazebos for hire are great for providing a space outdoors that is under cover. These can be used either with or without their sides and are great as a temporary storage space for equipment while activities are ongoing, or as a place to regroup while taking a break.

If it’s particularly cold outside then our patio heater hire is a great way to warm delegates up. Our LPG patio heaters are specifically designed to keep areas of space outside warm and are best used for any space where delegates congregate for a length of time, particularly if seated.

How does delivery of team building hire work?

Working out delivery costs is easy with Expo Hire; simply use our carriage calculator to find which of our branches is near to you. Tap your postcode in and it will confirm not only whether we cover that postcode or not, but also which of our 11 branches is closest to you and the cost for delivery from that branch, as well as the list of possible extra charges.

Once you have filled your basket and confirmed your delivery dates and postcode in the checkout, we will show you an itemised cost for delivery so you know exactly what you’re paying for before you place your order.

Want to know when your delivery is coming? You can track your driver using our real time maps on the day of delivery and collection. Simply enter your postcode and order number into our order tracking page and find out when our driver will be with you. You can also use the link we send you by automated text.

Pay just 25% deposit when placing large event hire orders

At Expo Hire we’ve got lots of experience of dealing with events at the larger end of the spectrum. We know that they take months of planning, and sometimes budgetary constraints can prevent early ordering. If your hire charge is over £500, you can now book your hire equipment with just a 25% deposit, paying the remainder up to 28 days prior to delivery. Full details are available on our terms and conditions page.