Glass Hire: Understanding Hidden Charges

Glass hire might not be free any more, but it can be even more expensive than you think it is if you don't take potentially hidden charges into account

Looking for cheap glass hire options has become increasingly difficult in the past few years. Gone are the times when you could rely on Waitrose glass hire for a party or occasion; like other supermarkets Waitrose have discontinued this free service some time ago. These days customers need to be a bit warier when looking for the best deals as there can be many hidden charges.

We’ve put this blog post together to help you understand how the glass hire industry works, and what charges there are to look for.

Glass Hire – Breakages

Breakages are an inevitable fact of life for anyone looking to hire glasses. With this in mind, It’s important to understand what breakage charges there are before hiring any glassware, as well as what damage deposits are charged.

Some companies charge damage deposits when placing an order for glassware and they can make hiring glasses very expensive. While a damage deposit will be refunded in full when glasses are returned intact, the initial outlay of cash to pay for the damage deposit can sometimes be more than the cost of hire itself, which is never great for any customer who is working to a tight budget.

At Expo Hire we believe in doing things differently. This means that not only do we not charge a damage deposit, but we also include a free slight damage waiver as standard with all orders. This waiver covers small amounts of glass damage which from our experience is inevitable when both moving and using glassware, so you know that there is nothing to worry about if you drop the odd glass. However, large numbers of glass breakages will be charged a replacement charge per our terms and conditions so we do ask our customers to be as careful as possible.

Glass Hire – Cleaning

Washing up is never the nicest of tasks, especially if one is feeling the effects of partying from the night before. However, this should not be the only factor in deciding whether to pay for cleaning charges for glass hire.

Obviously, if there are no facilities for washing glasses then one has little choice in the matter; glasses have to be returned dirty and whatever applicable fee has to be charged. But even if facilities are available, some caution should be exercised. Most glass breakages occur while they are being cleaned meaning any money saved by avoiding cleaning charges can quickly be wiped out by replacement fees.

This is one of the reasons why we have made washing up charges for glass hire mandatory at Expo Hire. In addition to preventing breakages, we made the decision to enforce charges as we realised that we end up washing all glasses anyway to ensure that they are properly cleaned following the issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

While it is true there is virtually no such thing as free glass hire any more, we’ve done everything we can to keep charges as low as possible for our customers. All glass hire pricing and availability is shown online, making it easier than ever to start your order. With a wide selection of wine glasses, beer glasses and speciality glassware available we are sure we have what you need.

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