Making Cutlery and Crockery Hire Easy

First time cutlery and crockery hirer? Find out how we can help you make it easy with this informative blog post.

Although cutlery and crockery hire is often seen as one of the least interesting parts of the event hire selection we supply, it’s often essential. After all, can you imagine hosting any kind of banquet or function where people have no cutlery or crockery to eat with?

Knowing what cutlery and crockery hire go together doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ve put this blog together to help you understand how plate and cutlery hire can go together to make the perfect place setting.

Understanding Cutlery Hire Ranges

Probably the biggest choice for anyone looking for cutlery hire for their event will be the range of cutlery. We offer four ranges of cutlery at Expo Hire, each of which comes with seven components. The individual parts of each range are table knives and forks; dessert knives, forks and spoons; as well as soup spoons and teaspoons.

In the main, these pieces of cutlery are fairly similar in the way that they are made with the only difference being the design. Bead cutlery has a decorative “bead” style outline on the handles, while Kings cutlery has a honeysuckle motif. The Harley range of cutlery doesn’t have a motif as such but is made in an instantly recognisable as being made in the Art Deco style.

Our Virtue range of cutlery is the only exception to this rule. Although the cutlery looks similar to our other ranges, the Virtue range of cutlery is made of higher-grade stainless steel which gives it the best possible look.

Matching plate and cutlery hire for your table

If it’s your first time creating a place setting for a banqueting function it can be a little bit of a daunting task with so many different sizes of plates and bowls that are available, not to mention all the possible combinations of cutlery. However, it doesn’t need to be scary at all; a little preparation can go a long way to getting your place setting right.

The key to knowing how your place settings should look comes down to knowing what menu you are going to serve to your guests.

For example, plated starters and desserts are best served with an 8” plate, while 6” plates are most frequently used as side plates for bread rolls. Main courses can be served on 10” plates or even 12” plates for larger portions.

Likewise, cutlery can be quickly worked out based on the food being served. Dessert knives and forks can also be used for starters, while soup spoons have a slightly different design to their dessert spoon cousins.

Order your cutlery hire with ease

We’ve made it as easy as possible to order all of your cutlery from one page. As well as listing availability and pricing on our product pages, we have added simple sliders so you can order all of your cutlery from the same range at the same time. There is no need to worry about cleaning cutlery or crockery before it is returned as both have our "send it back dirty" service as a mandatory option in the checkout. All you will need to do is scrape off any food or liquid residue and put it back in the boxes it came in.

To place your order for cutlery and crockery, go to the products you want and if required, click the appropriate sliders for the cutlery you want, and then click add to basket. The website will then add all requested amounts of cutlery to your basket at the same time, saving you time and effort.

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